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Wir bieten hochwertige Geräte und Dienstleistungen zur Herstellung von sphärischem Metallpulver.

Shanghai Truer Technology Co., Ltd. (Truer Technology) is one of the subsidiaries of Truer group, which is mainly responsible for the export business. At present, the main products cover the raw materials, equipment, inspection devices and service for additive manufacturing (AM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Powder Metallurgy (PM), automation and other manufacturing fields.

At present, we have 12 factories and more than 30 strategic partners in China for different applications.

We take the leading in providing innovative desktop level plasma rotating electrode atomizing powder making equipment (SLPA-D30) globally. The maximum rotation speed of consumable electrode rods can reach 50,000 rpm, which is very suitable for the preparation of small batch, multi variety and high-quality metal powders. Using this equipment, we and our customers have successfully developed more than 60 different compositions of high-quality spherical metal powders such as TiNi, Tita, TiAl, TiNbZr and CoCrMo, etc.

In addition, we also provide the medium-sized PREP atomizing equipment/systems (SLPA-N50) and large-scale PREP atomizing equipment/systems (SLPA-N75), which are suitable for industrial production and can provide high-quality metal powders with reasonable cost for 3D printing and other applications.

We are committed to providing the suitable plasma rotating electrode atomizing metal powder making equipment or high-quality PREPed metal powders to meet different customers’ requirements, i.e. new material development, or production of high-quality parts, etc. We will continue to invest in R&D to optimize our plasma rotating electrode atomizing metal powder making equipment and production process parameters, in order to provide customers with the best quality and high-end PREP atomizing equipment and metal powders.

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Wir bemühen uns, die internationale Marke in dieser Branche aufzubauen

Auf der Plattform des staatlichen Schlüssellabors für poröse Metallmaterialien aufbauend, hat das Unternehmen das gemeinsame Innovationszentrum für 3D-Metalldruck eingerichtet und mehr als 30 nationale und provinzielle Wissenschafts- und Technologieprojekte durchgeführt, wie das Industrial Strong Foundation Project des Ministeriums für Industrie und Informationstechnologie, den KMU-Innovationsfonds des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Technologie und das National Key R&D Project. Beantragte mehr als 60 Patente (26 Artikel wurden autorisiert) im Ministerium für starke industrielle Basisprojekte im Bereich 3D-Druck, leitete die Formulierung von 5 nationalen und industriellen Standards und war an der Formulierung von 8 Standards beteiligt. Das Unternehmen ist der Rat Mitglied der China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance, Mitglied des nationalen technischen Komitees für die Standardisierung der additiven Fertigung, Mitglied des Zweigs der additiven Fertigung der Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society und wurde 2017 in Chinas Top 100 Additive Manufacturing Investment Value List aufgeführt.

starke fabrik in china

Our factory was established in Xi‘an in 2013, we are specializing in the development and production of plasma rotating electrode atomizing powder making (PREP) technology and equipment, metal powders, powder bed selective electron beam melting 3D printing (SEBM) technology and equipment.

Integrität Produktionslinie

High quality and high productivity are not possible without lean production lines. Our factories use advanced equipment and modern management to ensure that our production efficiency and quality meet demands. Not only that, we are actively researching and developing more efficient production lines.

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Wir sind die vertrauenswürdigen Experten

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We are the leading enterprise in China in Additive Manufacturing with more than 10 years experiences of R&D and production in 3D printing technology & equipment (PBF-SEBM) and metal powder making technology & equipment (PREP).

Forschung & Innovation

We constantly strive to develop new processes and devices to improve the efficiency. We try our best to be suitable for industrial production and provide high quality metal powders with high-cost performance for 3D printing and other applications.

Flexibler Lieferant

We are committed to recommending the best suitable plasma rotating electrode atomizing equipment or high quality PREPed metal powders to meet different customers’ requirements.

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