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Shanghai Truer Technology Co., Ltd. (Truer Technology) is one of the subsidiaries of Truer group, which is mainly responsible for the export business. At present, the main products cover the raw materials, production equipment, inspection devices and service for additive manufacturing (AM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Powder Metallurgy (PM), automation and other manufacturing fields. The key technology for metal powder making is PREP with three types of equipment, i.e. SLPA-D30, SLPA-N50, SLPA-N75.

1) Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomization equipment (PREP)
2) PREP Metal Powders
3) Powder Bed Selective Electron Beam Melting equipment (SEBM)
4) Components produced by SEBM system

PREP technology refers to a high-speed rotating consumable electrode (raw material) is melted by the plasma torch under the protection of the high purity inert atmosphere, and the molten metal is thrown out by big centrifugal force to be atomized by the inert atmosphere and condensed into spherical powders when contacting to the internal wall of the cold chamber, which can produce low oxygen content, non-adhesive and high sphericity powders in the particle size of 15 μm~250 μm depending on different machine types. The PREP powders are widely used in the nuclear, aerospace, millitary, energy, electronics, automobile, surface engineering and biomedical industries.

Normally, the warranty is one year. Within warranty period, all repair of malfunctions are free of charge.

And in case of needed, we also offer the extended warranty with charging, please contact our Sales for details if applicable.

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Normally, the response time (email, phone call or video conference, etc.) is 24 hours after receiving the notification from the customers.
Within warranty period, all repair of malfunctions and failures are free of charge.
After the expiration of the warranty period, we promise to continue to provide the best technical supports and the supply of the spare parts at the reasonable price.

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