Small-scale PREP System (SLPA-D30)

Target groups:

  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • R&D department in factories
  • Other users who need the high-quality spherical metal powders (especially suitable for the development of new materials and multi-varietal production with small lot)


Production of high-quality spherical metal powders, such as:

  • Superalloy powders
  • Titanium alloy powders
  • Refractory alloy powders
  • High entropy alloy powders
  • Other metal powders with melting point up to 3,410℃

Main advantages

  • Relatively lower cost for multi-small-batch production
  • Quicker switch for multi-small-batch and diversified powder production (time reduction)
  • Ergonomics friendly, easy to operate
  • Simple and professional man-machine interface design
  • High fine powders output rate due to high rotating speed (up to 50,000rpm)
  • The produced powders have high sphericity (over 95%) and high quality, such as low porosity powders, low satellite powders, high purity (low oxygen increase,≤100ppm) due to atomizing in the inert protection atmosphere.
  • Can produce nearly all metal powders which rods are electro-conductive, specially for refractory metals, high-activity metals, super-alloys, etc.

Basic principle

Consumable electrode made of metal or alloy, whose end surface is heated by plasma arc to melt into liquid, and the liquid is ejected and crushed into fine droplets by the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation of the electrode. The droplets eventually form a spherical powder under the action of surface tension in the condensation process.

Technical Characteristics

  • Plasma transfer arc
  • High rotating speed consumable electrode (up to 50,000rpm)
  • Inert gas protection (Ar or He)
  • Low energy consumption
  • The produced metal powders have high-quality and high sphericity, which are very suitable for laser cladding, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and other AM processes.

Rotating speed of electrode rod Up to 50,000rpm (Adjustable)
Diameter of Eletrode rod Φ30mm
Powder Morphology Spherical Rate ≥95%
Particle Size Distribution D50≤43µm (Inconel 718)
Capacity ≥10kg (8hrs, Inconel 718)
Oxygen Increment ≤100ppm (Ti6Al4V ≤100ppm; Inconel 718 ≤50ppm)
Atmosphere Ar or He (high purity) or other inert gas
Maximum power 120kW
Floor Space 4m x 3m x 2.5m
Applications Ti&Alloys, Ni&Alloys, Co&Alloys, Stainless steels, high entropy alloys, Cu& Alloys and refractory alloys

1 Plasma gun system In-house design and manufacturing
2 High rotating speed shaft system and dynamic sealing mechanism In-house design and outsourced
3 Feeding system In-house design and outsourced
4 Powder collection system In-house design and outsourced
5 Atomization chamber In-house design and outsourced
6 Vacuum system Outsourced
7 Cooling system In-house design and outsourced
8 Gas supply system In-house design and outsourced
9 Power supply and Electrical control system Outsourced