Why Us

Truer is worth your trust

We Are One-Stop 3D Printing Solution Provider

Shanghai Truer Technology Co., Ltd. (Truer Technology) is one of the subsidiaries of Truer group, which is mainly responsible for the export business. At present, the main products cover the raw materials, production equipment, inspection devices and service for additive manufacturing (AM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Powder Metallurgy (PM), automation and other manufacturing fields.

At present, we have 12 factories and more than 30 strategic partners in China for different applications and fields.

We can provide the metal powder making equipment and the corresponding services with different technologies, like Plasma Rotation Electrode Process (PREP), Gas Atomizing (EIGA, VIGA), Water Atomizing (WA), etc.

We can provide the metal powders for different applications, such as SLM, SEBM, DED, Laser clading, PM, MIM, etc.

We can provide the production equipment for AM (such as SLM printer, EBM printer and the auxiliary devices), PM (Furnaces), etc.

We can provide the parts manufactured by different technologies, such SLM, SEBM, MIM, PM, etc.

We have focused on the development and production of Plasma Rotating Electrode Atomizing Process equipment (PREP), PREPed metal powders, Powder Bed Selective Electron Beam Melting equipment (SEBM) and SEBMed components over ten years.

A complete chain of industries

The company can provide one-stop products and services of additive manufacturing with its technologies, including raw materials, equipment and final products.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our PREP equipment has been used to manufacture various, high-quality, spherical metal powders in many universities, institutes and plants in China.

Strong R&D Capabilities

The company is a high-tech enterprise established based on the scientific research results, and tightly cooperated with an independant, energic and professional team from a well-known scientific research institute, and continuously transfer the innovations to commercial production.

A well-established technical team

We have a well-established team that can support our customers throughout the sales process.

We're Innovators

Our team is passionate about innovation. We can always find the right approach to the complex challenges posed by 3D printing equipment and powder manufacturing. We design and implement solutions for our customers, saving them money, increasing efficiency, and generating revenue.


We focus on both technologies of Plasma Rotating Electrode Process (PREP) and Selective Electron Beam Melting (SEBM). By listening to customers' feedback, we are devoted to develop and produce customer expected products and services, to support our customers to successfully manufacture their required products. Meanwhile, based on our professional knowledge and experiences, we make the innovations and upgrade our products continuously.

360° Partnership

As a powder-making equipment and PREP powders service provider, we have worked with companies at all stages of their development. And we have witnessed the success of startups and product upgrades, from initial ideas to perfect execution. Through continuous metal 3D printing equipment and powder supply chain support, we have entered into stable strategic partnerships with over 100 companies.

Working Together
for A Common Vision

We have been working on PREP powders and developing our PREP system. We have produced desktop, industrial-grade and medium-grade PREP equipment to meet the needs of different applications while providing our customers with high-quality powders. Meeting the needs of our customers for high-quality products is the driving force behind our continuous innovations.

In recent years, the 3D printing industry has become increasingly competitive. But despite this competition, our PREP systems have managed to stay ahead of other companies’ equipment in the industry.

Our Philosophy
Quality First, Customer First

We do everything to support our clients in growing their 3D metal printing business. We want to do everything we can to upgrade your core business in the future. So it is our mission to provide high-quality plasma rotary electrode powder-making equipment and production process, PREP metal powder which meets your needs.

We Own Factory

Since our inception, we have had our powder-making equipment and metal powder plant, which has increased in capacity as we have grown. We have no traders between us, which means we can achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in terms of price, quality, and customer service.

Independent R&D Capabilities

We rely on the advanced research institutes and state key laboratories in China, and these provide strong support for our R&D capabilities. Our focus on customer feedback and the global demand for metal materials in all areas of additive manufacturing has given us a clear direction for the development of PREP systems and PREP powders.

Flexible Supplier

You can tell us your requirement, and we can provide the most suitable solution for you. Truer will cooperate to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. We are not only satisfied with providing existing products, but we are also able to develop new materials or produce higher quality parts to meet your needs. Our goal is that we want your business to grow so that we both can sell a lot in the future!

One-Stop Solution

We can supply PREP equipment, PREP powder and SEBM printing equipment. With our products we want to give you a true one-stop solution for additive manufacturing. We have many years of knowledge in the additive manufacturing industry and are willing to provide you with a variety of guidance on industry products, industry knowledge and market orientation.

Customer Support

Most factories primarily focus only on manufacturing, which leads to a lacking of sales and service awareness. We have our own sales team, technicians and after-sales staff, which means that we can provide faster and better-quality service, and if you’re interested, you’re also welcome to come to visit our offices and factories yourself. You’ll see that we work harder than any other manufacturer in China.

Serve All Customer

Whether it is a customer who has just stepped into the metal 3D printing industry or a customer who has developed on a large scale, we attach the same importance. We provide product support and in-depth experience sharing.